Nano Kingdoms 2 Joker’s Revenge – Sublime real-time strategy with battles, heroes, and magic

It’s hard enough defending ethereum investment philippines a kingdom when it’s at full size, but what about one that’s tiny enough to be described as Nano Kingdom? Joker’s Revenge is your opportunity to find out just how difficult it can be to harvest resources and defend your castle whilst attempting to smash that of your enemies to the ground. Train troops, upgrade buildings, and utilise a variety of heroes with devastating spells to assert your dominance and to seek vengeance and give the Joker some of his own medicine. Continue Reading →

Swords and Sandals 4 Review

The Role Playing Game genre is host to a wide variety of games such as Dungeons and Dragons and even Pokémon, the best-selling roleplay franchise/series of all time. No matter which game in the genre you play, however, the format is consistent and unchanging. RPG games cryptocurrency option trading always involve the assuming of a particular role (usually a protagonist, though some games allow you to play as the enemy for an extra twist) and the immersing of this character into a fictional world where the player can upgrade, improve, and better his character by developing his attributes and features in a variety of ways. Swords and Sandals have taken the genre and applied it to the gladiatorial realm, allowing players to battle it out in a simple, 1 vs. 1 style for a good few games, and Swords and Sandals 4 from 3RDSense is yet another of these gory offerings. Continue Reading →

Kingdom Rush Review

There isn’t a flash gamer on earth worth his pixels that hasn’t at least heard about Kingdom Rush. The original Kingdom Rush took the tower defense world by its collar and showed it and any doubters across the world that it could push the boundaries of flash-based entertainment by presenting us with an unreasonably addictive game that can make hours feel like minutes and make other flash games look like they were drawn with an unsharpened pencil, and all this without actually changing or substituting any aspects of the genre in any way. Continue Reading →